An invitation to visit, stay, shop & eat right here in Nauvoo, Illinois! 

Nauvoo, Illinois is a historic community located 20 minutes North of Hamilton, Illinois and Keokuk, Iowa on the Illinois side of the Mississippi river. It is a small community of just over 900 residents, but each summer thousands come from across the country and around the world come to visit this Historic area.

Nauvoo is open year round with dozens of historic homes with senior couples in period costumes to give you your own guided tours. Nightly shows with performing young adults and talented senior couples delight visitors both young and young at heart. And don't miss the Nauvoo & British Pageants each summer in July.

The restored Nauvoo Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a unique landmark and has thousands of visitors each year. For those that want fast food and larger shopping centers, Ft Madison & Keokuk Iowa are within 20 minutes just across the Mississippi river. But we invite you to stay, eat & shop right here in Nauvoo, Illinois! You will love the quaint antique shops, Phamacy, Art museums, Souvenir & giftshops along Mulholland Street. Each summer additional retail spaces appear to accomodate the thousands that will come looking for T-Shirts and other gifts to take home with them. The restaurants, diners, buffets, custard & sandwich shops offer lasting, happy memories of your visit to Historic Nauvoo. We will see you there!

Nauvoo Pageant

Restaurant / Food Guide to Nauvoo, Illinois
The restaurants are listed from left to right (West to East) by ascending numbers.  So if you were strolling down Mulholland Street starting at the LDS Nauvoo Temple, you will pass the Restaurants in ascending number order.

1)  Grandpa John's Buffet See Website (Breakfast & Lunch only)

This buffet is only open for breakfast and lunch.  It is owned by the owner of Hotel Nauvoo across the street and offers nice meals without having to wait for the food to be prepared.  If you are in a hurry, this cafeteria style dining is a great place to go but remember it is not open for dinner.

2)  Hotel Nauvoo Buffet See Website (Closed Mondays, Dinner only Tues - Sat 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM - Sundays 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
Across the street from Grandpa John's is the the Hotel Nauvoo buffet.  It is only open for Dinner and as of 2018 cost between $12 - $18 depending on if you ordered an entree or did the buffet. I have eaten here a few times and although the price may be more than other places in town, I highly recommend it.  This is definitly the most elegant restaurant in Nauvoo and is great for special occasions.  The selection of food in the buffet is excellent.  This has been a staple of Nauvoo restaurants for many years and does a great job of serving the guests that visit year round. 

3)  The Apron Restaurant Their Facebook Page
This restaurant was formerly "The Ivy" restaurant in Ft Madison.  It was sold and the name changed to "The Apron" and moved to Nauvoo in 2017.  It features fresh baked gormet sandwiches, cold soft drinks, chips and deserts.  They also have some very unique desserts that are made fresh daily on site.  Nothing here is frozen and reheated.  They focus on healthy fresh baked breads and ingredients and are a welcome addition to the Nauvoo food selections.

4)  Annies Custard  Their Facebook Page  (open late during pageant)
Although people go to Annie's for the Fresh Custard, they also serve Belgian Waffles all day long.  This is a great place for tasty custard on a hot day.  Try the "Snow Bob" which is similar to a Rootbeer float type drink using different flavors of drink and custard.

5)  Nauvoo Mill & Bakery See Website (closes at 5:00 PM)
The Nauvoo Mill & Bakery offers freshly made gormet sandwiches, cold drinks, and homemade desserts.  They do close at 5:00 PM so make sure to come early enough to enjoy this great food.

6)  Casey's Convenience Store  See Website  (closes at 11:00 PM)
You might not think of a convenience store as a place you would list under "restaurants", but in a small place like Nauvoo, Ilinois Casey's is a very popular place among locals and visitors alike.  They make Pizzas and sell them by the pizza or by the slice.  They also have hamburgers, chicken, cookies, and all other items you would normally see in a convenience store.  They close at 11:00 PM and are the only gas station in town.

7)  Peter's Place & Nauvoo RV  Park  See Website  (open late during pageant)
This was formerly "Dairy Sweet" and is still listed that way online if you are searching.  They also changed their name from "Pete's Place" to "Peter's Place" due to the confusion that they do not sell pizza. Why is that confusing?  Try saying "Pete's Place" outloud.  Right?  It sounds like you are saying "Pizza Place" :)  Thus the name change.  Peter''s Place is open for business in 2018 and although it is at the far East end of town, it offers a nice selection of food you would expect at a Drive Inn type place: Burgers, Fries, Shakes.  But Peter's Place offers some very unique items that I have personally enjoyed.  My favorite is the Navajo Taco but the Pork "Sirloin" sandwich and Onion Rings are very popular also.  Enjoy Drinks, shakes and fries with your meals.  Price range was from $3 - $9 with many entrees costing $5 to $7.  Family friendly environment.
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Purpose of this Website
Each summer, thousands of people come to see the historic sites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With over 30 homes that are interpreted by young women and Senior Couples dressed in 1840's period costumes, the whole family can enjoy this great historic adventure. Please shop, eat and stay in Nauvoo, Illinois. It is a wonderful community and works hard to earn your support. This site is a "fan site" of Nauvoo and is not officially endorsed by any company, organization or church. It is maintained by a frequent visitor of Nauvoo who loves the small community and loves to see the good people of Nauvoo thrive and succeed at their business ventures. And of course we want to have these places be successfull so we can visit them each year! The majority of visitors come to the LDS Church's Nauvoo & British Pageants held for 4 weeks in July. I have heard that over 50,000 visitors will pass through Nauvoo each summer. During the winter season, the historic homes and some activities remain, but during the summer Nauvoo is very busy!

Need something added or Corrected?
Each of the Restaurants above were contacted and agreed to this "free publicity." Every effor has been made to make sure the information is accurate and up to date as of Summer 2018. But things change! If you see a correction that needs to be made, or an addition to this list, please notify the webmaster by using the contact page on the main menu.

There is so much to do and see in Nauvoo, Illinois

There has never been a better time to visit Historic Nauvoo, Illinois with the majority of all activities, the pageants, and historic home tours are free!
Nauvoo is a unique LDS historical site that allows guests who stroll the streets to see what the original city would have been like in the 1840s. You can receive a souvenir brick at the Brickyard, experience the sights and sounds in the pioneer Blacksmith Shop, and enjoy a ginger snap cookie from the Scovil Bakery. Take a ride in a carriage or wagon pulled by draft horses and hear stories of Old Nauvoo. Visit HistoricNauvoo.net to learn more about over  30 restored historic sites. Young performing missionaries provide live shows for visitors throughout the day. Don’t miss the patriotic “Sunset by the Mississippi,” offered by the senior and young performing missionaries Monday thru Saturday evenings from Memorial Day to August 11.

The Nauvoo and British Pageants
Thes are wonderful additions to your summer in Nauvoo. See Newspaper Article here  The pageants celebrate the legacy of the early Latter-day Saint pioneers. The Nauvoo Pageant is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the British Pageant on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Nauvoo Pageant Preshow & Country Fair
Games and activities of the 1840s are provided for guests at the pageant preshow celebration and country fair beginning at 7:00 p.m. The outdoor pageant performances begin at 8:30 p.m. No reservations are needed for the country fair or the pageant, and no tickets are required.

The majestic Nauvoo Temple
Rebuilt on its original site overlooking the Mississippi River in 2000, The Nauvoo Temple will create a lasting memory.  Come visit the Nauvoo Temple and feel the great spirit of sacrifice of the early the Nauvoo residents. Visit Nauvoo, Illinois this summer and remember it always!

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